Davenport Central Class of 1997

Missing Classmates

We would love to be in touch with the whole Class of 1997, but sadly we are missing contact info for more than a few of our classmates. Below is a list as of June 26, 2017 (updated July 15 to strike out those who have submitted info), of the classmates who are not members of our Facebook group and for whom we have no working e-mail address. If you are on this list, please fill out the Update Your Info form. If you are in contact with somebody on this list, please direct that classmate to our Update Your Info form and send us a message directly with any info you have.

Jessica Antao
Tosha Aurthur
Nick Bates
Harold Benson
James Boeh
Alicia Brown
Jessica Burroughs
Amanda Cather
(Michael) Joe Combs
Joseph Conner
Mark Conners
Paul Conners
Michael Cribbs
John Cross
Stephen Cunningham
Adam Danielson
Patricia Davis
Adam Dolph
Byron Drew
Andrea Gaeta
Tarmeka Greer
Jolene Hahn
Laura Hardin
Nicholas Heald
Erica Hester
Adam Hicks

Felicia Hicks
Wendy Hodges
Raydell Hurt
Darcy Ibarra
James Johnson
Nathan Kautz
Jennifer Keith
Kelly Krueger
Allyson (Lane) Miller
Derrick Levi
April Lewis
Jeremiah Liedtke
James Linnberg
Katrina Lippsn
Ella Long
Ryan McCoy
Carrie McDonald
Jennifer McDonald
Steve Meister
Demarco Mosely
Kirk Mueller
Michael Mundy
Tuan Nguyen
Linda Norberg
Travis Norman
Jacob Olsen

Charles Olson
Christina Pamperin
Kelly Penne
Gabriel Phillips
Joshua Renkes
Quentin Rodriquez
Jennifer (Rosenthal) Rosenthal-Hester
John Rydzewski
Jeffrey Schotfeldt
Jeremy Senn
Meghan Sharp
Stella Shumaker
Angela Smith
Timothy Soppe
Dawn Streat
Brian Tontodonato
Randy Townsley
Joseph Tyson
Daniel VanSant
Eric Wagner
Jon Wallace
Jodi Wardlow
Edward West
Jeremiah White
Josh White
Tianna Willette
Michael Wolfe

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